Renusol Universal End and Mid Clamp

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Renusol Universal End and Mid Clamp

Part No: MS-REN-420080

This innovative masterpiece makes your next PV-project a whole lot easier. The RS1 works as mid- and end clamp. It is heigth adjustable and secures any framed PV panel starting from 30 mm up to 50 mm height. Twisting the RS1‘s head changes the functionality from end- to mid-clamp. Installation and positioning works one handed. At the same time it minimizes needed storage space and saves administrational costs in item management. The RS1 is a real time saver and generates savings over your entire value chain.

Technical Data:
Dimensions: 35x36.5x60
Weight: 0.083kg
Set: complete pre-assembled set
Material: Corrosion resistant steel
Certification: TUV ID:48970; ETN BT120019; MCS012 IK0197
Module Types: Framed modules only
Module Thickness: Between 30.0mm and 50.0mm
Maximum Torque: 12,00 Nm
Driver: Hexagon socket 5mm



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