Inverter Warehouse (Pty) Ltd is a company based in Johannesburg South Africa. We have provided inverter back up power to homes and small to medium offices in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia since 2007. 
With our experience in these markets that have had to endure power shortages and regular power cuts over the last 10 years we have decided to expand our product offering into the South African market. 

Our Products

We carry "Pure" Sine Wave inverters specially developed to cater for prolonged load shedding, units can be adapted to use solar panels to assist with battery charging during extended outages, or just purely for cost saving.  

Our smaller Plug n' Play Home UPS (see our Falcon range) units are a complete unit with built in switch over & charger that requires no hard wire installation and are ideal for town houses & someone wanting to run TV, lamps or a PC with no complicated wiring noise or fuss. 

We also offer the Fusion range that offer more power where you can start to run fridges and larger equipment. The Fusion can be used as a Plug n' Play unit or can be hard wired into your distribution board. 

With our Colossal range the sky is the limit when it comes to power. Starting at 5kva the Colossal inverter can be supplied up to 100kva to suit any application.   

We have developed our Zuva Hybrid Inverters which is a true small Hybrid system with solar charge controller, batteries and solar panels. This is a perfect solution for someone with prolonged power failures where the system can charge the batteries off solar or even run your appliances off solar during the day.

We also carry a range of batteries, battery equalizers, solar panels and solar accessories. Please contact us for more information.