Fuse Mersen NH Size 00 125Amp

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Fuse Mersen NH Size 00 125Amp: 125Amp
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Fuse Mersen NH Size 00 125Amp

Type NH fuse-links are full range breaking capacity fuse-links and are used to protect cables and equipment. They can interrupt any current surge, from the lowest fusing current up to their breaking capacity, and so can be used alone as protection. They also protect electrical devices and industrial set-ups from  the electrodynamic effects of very high short-circuit currents.


  • Voltage AC 500 VAC
  • Voltage DC 250 VDC
  • Ampere Range (A) 2 ... 800 A
  • Size per Standard 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3
  • Speed/Characteristic gG
  • I.R. AC (IEC) 120 kA
  • I.R. DC (IEC) 80 kA
  • Body Material ceramic
  • Contact Materials copper, silver-plated


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