Automatic Voltage Switcher AVS30 Micro

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AVS30 Micro: AC-AVS-30
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The AVS is an Automatic Voltage Switcher rated at 30 Amps (AVS30). The AVS will switch off the equipment connected to it if the mains power goes outside preset acceptable limits and will re-connect automatically - when the mains power returns to normal. Re-connection takes place after a delay (‘the start-up delay’) to ensure stability of the mains. In addition, the start-up delay provides protection against power-back surges commonly experienced after resumption of power in a power cut situation. Surge and spike protection is also incorporated to ensure protection against these commonly occurring events.


This new version of the AVS has a built-in micro-processor that has added advanced features to the product. These include;

Five voltage indicators:

  1. The power supply is good and the load is connected.
  2. The AVS has detected that the mains voltage is too high and therefore dangerous to your equipment.The AVS has disconnected the power supply.
  3. Power supply has returned to normal (after an over-voltage condition - see above).The AVS is waiting before the power supply is restored to your equipment.
  4. Power supply has returned to normal (after an under-voltage condition - see below).The AVS is waiting before the power supply is restored to your equipment.
  5. The AVS has detected low voltage condition and has disconnected the power to your equipment to protect against it.


Max Power

30 Amps

Wait Time

Adjustable from 10 seconds to 10 minutes

Ideal For

Air-conditioners, large fridge/freezers, whole office, and complete circuits, Inverters, UPS

Weight 550gm
Dimensions 210 x 132 x 53mm



The AVS30 has a fuse. How does this work?

If the fuse blows (MOV gives a momentary short and therefore takes out the fuse) due to a transient then the AVS will not work and LED’s will extinguish i.e the unit will appear dead. Replace the fuse with a new 0.5A HBC Ceramic, antisurge 20x5mm. This fuse in addition to a spike protection is […]

Does the AVS30 have an intelligent time delay?


Is the time delay on the AVS30 constant on all units?

The time delay at manufacturing is not set identical on all units. This will allow units to start at slightly different delay. So if multiple Sollatek units are protecting multiple loads (like Air conditioners), when the power returns to normal after a power cut, not all A/Cs start at exactly the same time. This will […]



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