Solis 25kW 5G 3Phase


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Solis 25kW 5G 3Phase

400V: 25K/30K/33K/36K/40K; 
S5-GC25K three-phase series string inverter adopt 4 MPPT design to provide a more flexible configuration scheme with a smaller environmental impact rate and higher generation efficiency. Whose operation is so quiet, like a whisper, thus creating a more comfortable and friendly working and living environment.


  • Max. efficiency 98.7%
  • IP66
  • > 150% DC/AC ratio
  • String current up to 16A
  • Supports RS485, WiFi, GPRS
  • Supports export power control
  • Intelligent redundant fan-cooling
  • Natural convection, Fan-less design
  • Wide voltage range and low startup voltage
  • AFCI protection, proactively reduces fire risk
  • Intelligent string monitoring, smart I-V curve scan
  • Natural convection, Fan-less design, longer lifespan
  • Globally recognised branded componentry for longer life
  • Supports high power modules for lower installation costs
  • 3/4 MPPT design, supports multiple orientation system design
  • Night time PID recovery function, increases overall system yield (optional)
  • Scan to register on SolisCloud, supports remote upgrade and control
  • Supports GPRS/WiFi communication with less wiring and reduced installation costs


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