SuKam Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS 850va 12v

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SuKam Brainy Hybrid Inverter 850va 12v

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SuKam’s Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS lets you add solar panels to it to charge its batteries for free from the sun

SuKam’s Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS is the world’s first UPS to harness solar energy into electricity and use its artificial intelligence to maximize solar energy to power homes and offices.

While Brainy operates as a normal inverter or HUPS it has a built in solar charge controller that allows you to connect solar panels to charge the batteries.  The Brainy prioritises charging from solar first and only switches to grid charging when there is no solar energy available.

Brainy Solar HUPS Feartues

  • Brainy is designed to give you maximum benefit from the sun and minimize your electricity bill.
  • Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS can operate on both Solar Power as well as Grid Power.
  • Integrated with an in-built 15amp Solar Charge Controller that enables the conversion of solar power to electricity.
  • Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS always gives preference to solar power while charging the battery.
  • It senses the availability of solar power, grid power and gives charging preference to the solar power charge and only switches to the grid when solar power is not available.
  • Brainy UPS is used with 80W panel which is expandable to 240W.
  • Contemporary, futuristic design.
  • Affordable pricing to suit any budget
  • Easy system installation
  • User friendly display. Informative LCD displays for use and to understand the functionalities of the system.

SuKam Brainy Connection Diagram