Solar Home Kit 5Kva-7.2kw Lithium Battery-3.1kw Solar Panels

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R 99,000.00 

Solar Home Kit 5KVA 3120Wp  


NOW WITH LITHIUM BATTERY (6000 cycles @ 80% DOD)

This kit includes everything that you will require to install the system. (except AC cable to and from DB)

Designed to make installation as simple and hassle free as possible with all the cabling, fuses and breakers sizes having been pre-worked and most of the system is plug n' play.

The kit includes a pre-wired distribution board including all miscellaneous items such as AC breakers, bypass switch, fuses, battery cables and links. The Solar Combiner box fuses all the strings, has an isolator and surge protection and comes with MC4 connectors

The system can be used as a Hybrid Solar-back-up system, run your day time loads off solar or expand the lithium battery bank and go off grid (depending on the loads and life style, battery can be expanded to 9.6kw).

Ideal for homes and small offices.

The 4.8kw lithium battery can be expanded up to 7.2kw or 9.6kw at any time by adding an extra module.   

Kit includes:-

This system can be adjusted to meet specific requirements


    System Solar Production Calculation 

Pylontech Lithium Battery   Pylontech Lithium battery

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