Solar Home Kit 5Kva 3000Wp

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Complete Solar Solutions Kit 5KVA/48V  3000Wp 

This kit includes everything that you will require to install.

Kit includes a Pre-wired Back plate including all miscellaneous items such as AC breakers, transfer switch, fuses, battery cables and links.

Only 220V  4mm2 electrical cable is required from the Pre-wired Back plate to the electrical distribution board and back or to a Sub Board and any additional MCB's etc

Can be used as a Semi- Hybrid Solar system or off grid. Residential or Office.  


Kit includes:-

  • 1 x Axpert MKS 5KVA/48V Inverter with 3000Wp MPPT
  • 12 x 260 watt Solar Panels
  • 1 x Roof Mounting Structure for 12 panels with fittings for tile roof (2 rows x 6 panels)
  • 1 x 4-String Combiner Box with surge protection and PV Isolator
  • 1 x 5kVA Inverter
  • 1 x Pre-wired Back plate with Input Output Isolators, Bypass Switch, Fuse holders and Fuse links for Battery Bank and PV Isolator
  • 8 x 100Ah AGM Batteries
  • 2 x Battery Cabinets for 8 batteries
  • Battery Cables and links 35mm2
  • 50 x meter 4mm Solar Cable Red
  • 50 x meter 4mm Solar Cable Black
  • 50 x metre PV earth cable
  • 20 x metre 6mm Solar Cable Red
  • 20 x metre 6mm Solar Cable Black
  • 8 x Pairs MC4 Connectors