Shoto 5.12kWh Li-Ion Battery

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Shoto 5.12kWh Li-Ion Battery

Shoto 5.12kwh 100Ah Lithium-Ion Battery with more than 5000 cycles with 90% DOD and 10+ years design life.

Model: 51.2-100.
Nominal Capacity (kWh): 5.12.
Depth of Charge: 90%.
Cycle Life: ≥5000 @25 Cº.
Charge Voltage (V): 57.6.
Discharge Voltage (V): 48.
Nominal Voltage (V): 51.2.
Max Parallel Quantity (Pcs): 16.
Charge/Discharge Current (A): Recommend 50 (0.5C) Max 100 (1C).
Communication Port: RS485 & CAN.
Weight (Kg): 43.
Dimensions (W*H*D) mm: 442*133*420.
Certificate: TUV(IEC 62619)/CE-EMC/UN38.3.


Shoto, is a leading integration service provider of green energy storage in the area of big data.Using cutting-edge energy technology, with our customers around the world.  We actively explore and discover a new world with ever-growing energy.

Shoto is the only “National Eco-friendly Enterprise” industry-wide, “National Key High-tech Industry Group”, one of “China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises” and one of “World Top 500 New Energy Enterprises”.



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