Probe 220ah 12v SMF Deepcycle

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Probe Deep Cycle Batteries are well suited for use in Photovoltaic Energy Storage System (PV), Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and other stand or emergency back-up power applications.
It offers the advantage of being maintenance free and is able to withstand high cycling. The battery can be used in many varied applications and may be applicable to many other, as indicated below:

  • Home Inverter and Home UPS Systems
  • Renewable Energy:
  • Photovoltaic Applications (Solar) and Eolic (Wind)
  • Emergency police radio communications
  • Back-up for commercial radio transmitters
  • Back-up for business computers
  • Back-up for manufacturing process that requires continuous power
  • Navigation safety aids
  • Emergency power for cable TV Systems
  • Emergency Ventilation Systems for farming
  • Vast range of UPS and stand-by power systems.
These Deep Cycle batteries can be used alone or in multiple battery banks, in parallel or series to obtain desired capacity and voltage of the system requirements.