Alpha 5.7kWh Battery


R 39,000.00 

Alpha Smile5 Battery 5.7kWh

Alpha’s batteries do not suffer from safety issues such as thermal runaway because they  have chosen LifePO4 for it’s superior life span  and safety, this is why they are larger than other lithium iron batteries.

Alpha’s Electornics Management System is the brain of the system. It manages the ultimate function of the battery and also provides critical safeguards to protect and prolong the life of the batteries. 

Alpha ESS Smile



AlphaESS only goes with LFP for safest operation and longest cycle-life

Whilst Alpha’s batteries are slightly larger per physical capacity versus other types of Li-Ion used in electronics and EVs, they are easily banked in parallel close together because they don’t suffer heat issues and thermal runaway. We have chosen LiFePO4 for their superior life, safety and environmental performance.


Alpha Smile5

Alpha Smile5 5.7kWh DataSheet

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